Twice a week, Sally sneaks down the back stairs at the old folks home, and heads to a local blues club. There she dances free-style. . .and actually prefers the hot-and-fast blues!

When she was young she didn’t get to dance very much. Even so, she remembers good times.

Age 5 - Whirling around to “Waltz of the Flowers” on her grassy front lawn.
Age 17 - Kick-stepping the Charleston while high school friends cheered.
Age 21 - Stomping beside make-believe fire at a college “cannibal party”.
Age 43 - Learning (then forgetting) the basic salsa, cha cha and bossa nova.
Age 72 - Jumping to an Afro-beat on one last, wild night in Kampala.

As a travel journalist, she’s danced across continents—sent unspoken greetings across cultural barriers. So, what if people spoke Tagalog in the Philippines, French in remote Togo, Portuguese in Brazil? Whether traveling the world, or exploring back home, Sally has made surprising friends. . . through dancing!

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